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Funny Comedy
  There are 565 jokes in our database!
· Animals (50)
Jokes related to Animals, Pets, Pet owners, and more
· Blonde Jokes (34)
Hilarious jokes poking fun at people with Blonde hair
· Christmas Jokes (11)
Christmas, Santa, Rudolph, 12 Days of Xmas, and holiday humor
· Computer Humor (18)
Jokes about Computers, and computer related stuff
· Forms and Tests (11)
Humorous forms, such as Redneck's Drivers License Application
· Funny Pictures (113)
You will laugh your butt off!
· Gay (9)
We make fun of straights, so why not gays?
· Lists (29)
Lists of humor, such as 99 ways to annoy people
· Men and Women (57)
Jokes about differences in Men and Women
· Misc Humor (20)
Jokes that don't belong in the other categories
· Occupational (21)
Lawyer, Salesmen
· One Liners (7)
Crazy and Hilarious one liners...
· Presidential Humor (21)
Jokes about George W, Slick Willy, and more!
· Quick Jokes (53)
Short and quick jokes you can tell your friends...
· Real Life (52)
Collection of jokes that pertain to real life events
· Religious and Ethnic (9)
Religious and Ethnic jokes (don't be offended!)
· Riddles (11)
Tough riddles complete with their answers.
· School (14)
School and college related jokes about professors, students, school life, etc...
· Sports Humor (25)
Jokes involving sports and sports related people and events

Database last updated: 27-Oct-2011

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