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Joke Description
Votes Rating
Patriotic Duty
This dog is doing his patriotic duty!
147 7.65
A Squirrel and hits Nuts
Check this funny squirrel out!
761 7.60
Put a Cork in It
A real radio station prank!
103 7.47
Bomb Technician
Look at this bomb technician's shirt!
107 7.47
Ebay Blunder
this person sold this on an ebay acution!!!
131 7.46
How Rumors Get Started
How office rumors get started...
115 7.46
Birth of a Candy Bar
Watch how a candy bar is born!
448 7.46
Golf Balls
Check out this sign regarding stealing golf balls
71 7.25
Name Her Monica
Bill, Hillary, and Who???
175 7.25
Bin Who?
Bin Laden or Bin Who???
31 7.15
Pokemon or Tokemon?
It's Pokemon!!!... or not..
93 7.05
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving cartoon fun!
44 7.04
Warm Water Myth
Do you really wet the bed if you put your hand in warm water??
54 7.04
Terrorist Deodorant
Check out this B.O. juice...
95 7.02
Lifes Pleasures
Life's simple pleasures...
44 6.99
Where has your dog been?
Funny dog and where he has been!
199 6.94
What Women Want
What women want, and what wants them!
53 6.93
The Wasting of Toilet Paper
Where is it going?
139 6.89
Not Taking Crap!
Not taking any crap from bin Laden!
44 6.88
Terrorist Coin Flip
Who wins the coin toss???
58 6.86
Have a Beer!
Let's have one more....!
43 6.79
Anti Terrorist Paper
Check out this toilet paper!! Funny
54 6.76
Silly Squirrels
Check out these 3 silly squirrels, now just what are they up to??
45 6.73
New Bra
The "new" bra for women!
23 6.70
Arkansas Friends
If "Friends" were filmed in Arkansas...
39 6.69
Dancing Fat Guy
This dancing fat guy is sure to make you laugh
654 6.67
Not There Anymore
They aren't there anymore!
28 6.66
Dream Job
Is this your dream job?
48 6.66
Against the Wall
Check this police pat down...!
44 6.63
Taco Bell Hiring
Just who is Taco Bell hiring these days?
45 6.62
If You Can Read This
If you can read this...
13 6.61
Will She Fit?
Will she fit?? Hope she doesn't get stuck!
47 6.61
Michael Jackson's Roots
Michael Jackson in Planet of the Apes?
59 6.60
Worst Job
Worst job in the world, right here!
25 6.60
Young Donald Trump
This is a really young Donald Trump wanna-be baby!
12 6.58
Pacifier Frenzy
Look at all these babies!
21 6.57
That's what I call Safe Sex!
This is definitely the safest sex..
60 6.56
Mr. Osamahead
It's Mr. Osamahead, not Potatohead!
18 6.50
Flaming Fart
This one got a little out of hand!
19 6.47
Real Sombrero
Here is a real sombrero!
17 6.47
Redneck Treehouse
Redneck Treehouse?? You decide!
20 6.46
Having a Bad Day?
And you think you're having a bad day! Check this out!
64 6.43
Bomb a Millionaire
Who wants to bomb a millionaire?
22 6.41
Senior Scooter
a scooter for senior citizens, funny!
38 6.39
Osama Baby
Hilarious picture of Osama bin Laden
80 6.38
Gas Prices
Check out the gas prices here!
31 6.36
David and Goliath
A funny outlook on David and Goliath
18 6.33
Making of an Ice Cube
So that's where Ice Cubes come from?
53 6.32
You've Got Male
Hilarious comic about getting "mail"
27 6.32
Motorcycle Tip
Watch out for this motorcycle!
21 6.29
Then and Now
What bikini girls looked like then.. and now!
27 6.28
Cute Face
Check out this really cute face! Laugh out loud!
22 6.27
What has Baywatch come to??
222 6.23
Roadkill Grill
What's on the menu?
27 6.22
Osama Flight School
Check out this flight school
90 6.22
Booze Babies
These babies have been boozing it up!
119 6.20
Only in America
This picture can only happen in America
26 6.19
Beer Emergency
When you really need that beer..
18 6.17
Just Married??
Here is a sight you don't see everyday!
26 6.17
Morning Coffee
Getting my morning coffee..
19 6.16
Petting Zoo
Very cute picture, a true petting zoo indeed!
34 6.12
Be My Valentine
Hairy Valentine
11 6.09
23 6.06
Airline Safety
New airline safely regulations
35 6.06
Anytime is Good
Anytime is good for this!
22 6.05
Olympic Ring
Check out this Olympic Ring!
32 6.03
Glass a Day
A glass a day keeps the what away??
29 5.98
What Did I Eat?
Bad fortune cookie!
36 5.96
Real Russian Cat
Check out this real Russian Cat!
20 5.92
Girl Scout Nightmare
Girl Scout nightmare
12 5.91
Toy Yoda
A Toyota or a toy yoda? Your call!
26 5.88
Watch out for the Croc!
15 5.80
Baby's First Beer
Baby's first beer, awe how cute!
14 5.79
Drive Very Carefully
Drive very, very, carefully!
14 5.78
New Enron Logo
Here is the new Enron logo for you!
13 5.70

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