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Joke Description
Votes Rating
40 Short Lawyer Jokes
Listing of 40 short but funny Lawyer jokes
750 7.12
I got him!
A truck driver frequently traveled through a small town where there was a courthouse at the side of the road..
969 7.11
Lawyers Lexus
A trucker hits a lawyer's lexus...
136 6.88
$25,000 Cash
A dying man gathered his Lawyer, Doctor and Clergyman at his bed side and handed each of them an envelope containing $25,000 in cash
479 6.55
My Lawyer
A guy phones a law office and says: "I want to speak to my lawyer." The receptionist replies, "I'm sorry but he died last week."
449 6.50
Stand up!
A man sobering up from the night before was sitting through the Sunday sermon, finding it long and boring
59 6.48
Czech and Lawyer
Each summer, the lawyer would invite a different friend of his to his cabin...
225 5.86
Lawyer Ad
Car advertisement for Lawyers
9 5.77
What do your parents do?
A grade school teacher was asking students what their parents did for a living...
413 5.11
Russian, Cuban, American, and a Lawyer
A Russian, a Cuban, an American and a Lawyer are in a train...
387 3.07
Database last updated: 20-Oct-2011

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