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Joke Description
Votes Rating
Hillary went in for her yearly checkup..
10073 6.15
Clinton Shorts
6 quick jokes about Bill Clinton
4451 5.38
Snow Threat
Bill Clinton steps out on the white house lawn..
3266 7.75
Dr Suess on Clinton
I did not do that here or there! I did not do that anywhere!
3698 7.63
Tragedy or Great Loss?
Once Bill Clinton visited a elementary school to talk to a group of 3rd graders...
1464 7.17
Clinton's Clock
What's up with these clocks?..
1599 7.11
Clinton Motorcade Stop
The President just found out Starr has delivered another report to Congress..
1038 7.07
You Saved Who?
Three boys were fishing when...
1251 6.99
Clinton and Hussein Neogotiations
When Bill sits down, he notices three buttons on the side of Saddam's chair..
1049 6.95
Nixon vs Clinton
Nixon and Clinton, hilarious comparison
44 6.63
Baseball Game
Bill and Hillary are at a baseball game..
1241 6.60
Clinton goes to Heaven
the president meets up with St. Peter..
1452 6.44
Hillary to Chelsea Talk
You've been going to college for a while now..
1218 6.32
Bill and Hillary were taking stroll outside the White House gates one morning and came upon a little boy trying to give away a litter of puppies...
866 6.22
A Quickie?
Bill Clinton and Al Gore went into a local diner for lunch...
682 5.89
Billy the Red Nosed Leader
Billy the Red Nosed Leader....
451 5.69
Three Monuments
Bill went jogging one morning and came upon...
1001 5.46
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