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Joke Description
Votes Rating
Greater than God
What is greater than god...
201 5.45
Wisest Son?
Which of the three sons is the wisest?
41 5.26
Missing Dollar
Three men were traveling around the country...
44 5.21
What is IT?
What is IT?
26 5.16
Egg on Roof
Which way will the egg fall?
33 5.07
What lives forever...
What lives forever...
39 4.85
A butcher has a 36 inch waist...
35 4.57
Room with 3 Things
A man is stuck in a room with three things...
51 4.14
Twelve minus one equals nine?
How do you subtract one from twelve and make nine?
35 3.71
Bartender and Drink
One day two men walked into the bar. Both men were exactly alike...
97 3.14
Naked Man in Desert
A naked man was found in the desert...
96 2.64
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