Missing Dollar

Missing Dollar
Three men were traveling around the country. They stopped by in this one town and asked to spend the night at a hotel. The hotel manager charged them 27 dollars for a room that had three beds in it. So that means that each man payed 9 dollars. After they went to the room, the maneger thought he had charged them too much for the room so he decided that the room would cost 22 dollars. He called the bell boy over and gave him five one dollar bills, telling him to give it to the three men. On his way up to the room, the bell hoy realized that he wouldn't be able to split the money between the three men equally, so he stuffed two of the dollar bills into his own pocket. Now, if you're following me that means that each man payed 8 dollars for the room(becasue they got a dollar back). 8 x 3 is 24. The bell boy has two dollar bills in his own pocket(so you add 2 right!!!). That equals 26. What happened to the other dollar?

Answer: It cost 22 dollars for the room. but they got back 5 dollars from the 27 it was at first.so the bell boy took the money and kept 2 dollars for him self and gave 3 to the 3 men each giving them one. so you got to go like this 9*3=27 ( becasue that how much they origionally paid) minus 3( how much they got back) = 24 then minus 2 (the ones the bell boy took) and you get 22 and thats how much it cost to pay for the room so there wasnt a extra dollar!!!

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