This guy walks up to this movie house with a chicken under his arm. He asked for a ticket. The lady at the counter told him that the chicken was not allowed in the movie house. He said " You don't understand! The chicken goes everywhere with me!" She told him again that the chicken wasn't allowed so he walked over to a nearby alley. He quickly stuffed the chicken down his pants.
He runs and buys a ticket and sits down.
These two girls come in later and sit by him because they thought he was cute. It was an R rated show. He starts watching the movie. He suddenly remembers
the chicken. He unzips he pants and the chicken heads comes out so it can breathe. The girl next to him taps her hand on her shoulder. "The guy next to me is playing with himself!"
She replied "Just ignore it. I just saw a girl flash her boobs on screen, its kinda a sexy movie just forget about it!" A little while later she taps on her friend again. "He playing with himself again!!!" She replies "I told you not to pay any attention!" She tells her in a gruff voice," But its eating my popcorn!!!!!"

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